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4231 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN, 37205
United States


Bucca Foot Spa, Reflexology and Massage offers the ultimate in a boutique spa experience. Each guest is treated to a personalized session with our thousand count pillow cases, plush seasonal throws, soothing eye masks, and complimentary Chinese herbal tea. Our staff of certified Chinese therapists can customize any treatment to address any personal ailment, headaches, or stress tension. 


Our Therapists






Meet Bucca! The namesake for the foot spa. Her caring, but firm touch is as beloved as her warm and generous spirit. Bucca studied the art of acupressure extensively for two years in China before moving to the US where she has been practicing for over five years. 


Meet Daniel! He came to study the art of acupressure through his years of Judo. He and the other Judo athletes would massage and manipulate pressure points on one another before matches. His seven years as a reflexologist have earned him the distinction as a certified master.